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Keys to Success: results-driven programs to build your competitive advantage.   

Most programs can be offered as either a keynote address or an interactive workshop.


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  1. It’s the Size of Your Idea,  Not the Size of Your Budget

  2. 15 Timeless Philosophies in Leadership and Hospitality

  3. Becoming a Class of One

  4. What they don't teach you in Hotel School

  5. Understanding Brands  Maximizing the Equity in All of Your Hospitality Brands
  1.  Lessons From the Field:   A Common Sense Approach to Effective Hotel Sales  

  2. A to Z Steps to Profits 

  3. 45 Proven Ways to Succeed in Hospitality in Any Economy  

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John J. Hogan, CHE CHA CMHS CHO    
Keynote Speaker, Educator, Hotelier, Autho

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Arrange for free copies of Lessons from the Field by having me speak at one of your meetings or conducting training at your location!

Welcome to HospitalityEducators.com, with readers from 60+ countries in all six continents.  

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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide services designed to help individual hotel owners, hoteliers and groups of hotels improve their market penetration, deliver service excellence and increase their profitability.


Keys to Success: results-driven programs to build your competitive advantage.   

Most programs can be offered as either a keynote address or an interactive workshop.

Arrange for free copies of Lessons from the Field by having me speak at one of your meetings or conducting training at your location!

This site can help you solve your problems now! 

Why HospitalityEducators.com is different

The academic and corporate hospitality educators on this site are professionals committed to sharing knowledge and best practices that blend real world experienceand the latest in educational approaches. 

Proven strategies and tactics to help your hospitality business 

  Kathleen Hogan named President and CEO of  HospitalityEducators.com  


 Kathleen Hogan, MBA CHO  assumed the role and title of CEO of HospitalityEducators.com.  


“HospitalityEducators.com has evolved from our original services as a membership site to one that provides a broad range of educational services and specific solutions for hotels,” says Hogan. “Almost 80% of the hotels in the US are under 150 rooms. While many of them are branded, an affiliation alone may not be enough for a small business owner to achieve the level of success they are seeking.  In the past six years, we have been repeatedly asked to offer recommendations on ways to improve profitability, to increase market share, to improve guest service or to offer personalized training assistance. The site offers valuable information, but the demand for personalized services has determined our need to expand and vary our delivery of knowledge and expertise.”


To meet those and other needs, HospitalityEducators.com is finalizing partnerships with several other entities to deliver an assortment of measurable results. These include:

  1.   Industry specific, “how to” videos for all levels in hotels

  2.    Online training for new managers and supervisors.

  3.   Regional workshops on soft skills development, sales and marketing, hospitality management and     human resources

  4.    Collaborative ventures and certificate programs with a select number of colleges and universities.

  5.     eBook resources, with an emphasis on hospitality and hotel management.      

  6.     A MasterMind series that identifies hot topics and stress areas, working with industry leaders in providing proven options and answers

Kathleen Hogan has a background in management, banking and finance.  With years of professional experience in business and an MBA in Human Resources Management, she has expanded her scope to include the hospitality industry over the last 20 years. 


She is Co-founder of HospitalityEducators.com, a consortium of successful corporate and academic professionals that delivers focused training and counsel in solving specific challenges facing hospitality.  

She has experience successfully launching entrepreneurial businesses in several different industries and her banking experience ranges from small-town savings to prime mortgage lending institutions in loan origination, processing, and desktop-underwriting.


HospitalityEducators.com Co-Founder John Hogan, CHA CHMS CHE CHO, who has served as CEO since 2010, will focus his efforts in creating new programs, new course content and the creation of a series of eBooks and blended learning vehicles.  His title will change to that of Chief Learning Officer (CLO) at HospitalityEducators.com.   He continues his industry service as Principal of HoganHospitality.com, which provides keynote addresses, consulting and expert witness services.


Today, there are 14 Corporate Educators and University Professors working with HospitalityEducators.com .  Founding Associates in 2010 of HospitalityEducators.com include:

  •     Marc D. Clark, CHRE, CHA CHE, CHO, PhD , President/CEO, DBA SmartBizzonline.com    (Nashville Tenn. Market)
  •       Professor Stephen Barth, JD CHE of the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, University of Houston, author of Hospitality Law, founder of HospitalityLawyer.com and the annual Hospitality Law Conference series. 

  •         William D. Frye, Ph.D., CHA CHE CHO, Associate professor in Niagara University’s College of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Niagara Falls, NY and Editor of the Rooms Chronicle 

  •     Jennifer Calhoun, CHE Ph. D.Assistant Professor, Coastal Carolina University and President, J & J Calhoun and Associates, Inc.Conway, SC


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