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Training Games and Icebreakers #1-5

publication date: Mar 12, 2014
author/source: Training Games, Inc. and various sources

      1.       Three Questions Game
Everyone in the group writes down three provoking questions they would like to ask others in the group. Not the normal "what's your name" type questions but something like, "Where is the most interesting place you have ever traveled" or "Name a topic you feel absolutely passionate about".
Give them time to mingle, and to ask three different people in the group one of their three questions.
Get back together, have each person stand, and give their name. As they say their name, ask the group to tell what they know about this person.
2.       The Pocket/Purse Game
Everyone selects one (optionally two) items from their pocket or purse that has some personal significance to them. They introduce themselves and do a show and tell for the selected item and why it is important to them.
3.       The Talent Show
Everyone selects one talent or special gift that they possess and can demonstrate for the group. They introduce themselves, explain what their special talent is, and then perform their special talent for the group.
4.       Toilet Paper Game
Pass around a roll of toilet paper to the group and ask them to take what they need, with no further explanation.
When done. Tell the group that as they go around the room, each person must tell a fact or something about themselves for each square of TP they took.
5.       Birthday Game
Have the group stand and line up in a straight line.
After they are in line, tell them to re-arrange the line so that they are in line by their birthday. January 1 on one end and December 31 at the other end. The catch is that they must do all this without talking or writing anything down.

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