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Hotel Common Sense: Stronger Hiring Outlook Means Hospitality Employers Must Step Up Recruitment Efforts

publication date: Mar 13, 2013
author/source: Dr. John Hogan CHA CHE CMHS

  Hotel Common SenseTM

Dr. John Hogan CHE CHA CMHS


Stronger Hiring Outlook Means Hospitality Employers
Must Step Up Recruitment Efforts

 The job markets are changing and candidates will soon have choices again.

Quarterly Hiring Outlook is the Strongest in Three Years,
According to CareerBuilder and USA TODAY's Latest Job Forecast

Earlier this month, according to CareerBuilder and USA TODAY's latest job forecast, nearly three-in-ten employers (28 percent) reported they hired full-time, permanent employees in the first quarter of 2011, the highest since the first quarter of 2008.

The survey, which was conducted by Harris Interactive© from February 21 to March 10, 2011, included more than 2,800 hiring managers and human resource professionals and more than 5,600 workers across industries and company sizes. The report said the momentum is expected to continue with the same amount of employers planning to add full-time, permanent positions in the second quarter.

In a Linkedin Group I belong to, Speakers and Panelists, Pakistani based Shafqat Ullah Khan released his weekly "They're hiring" blog. He listed "10 Best Companies to Work For", as ranked by CNN/Fortune/Money Magazine,.
1 and the kinds of positions they were looking to fill. These companies have at least 700 openings each, totaling nearly 107,00 available jobs. What are they looking for?

I have listed the highlights of what their their recruiters had to say as it relates to what they are looking for. My reason for the message in this column is direct and to the point:

  1. The Stronger Hiring Outlook Means Hospitality Employers Must Step Up Recruitment Efforts
  2. What are you doing in your hospitality business to address the coming changes in the job markets when candidates will soon have choices again?

Are you ready?
Are you the employer of choice in your market?

Secrets to impressing recruiters of some Top 100 Companies

Adobe Systems

2011 Best Companies rank: 65              Current openings: 1,000

Secrets to impressing their recruiters

"We know that candidates are good at many things, but we're most interested in what exactly makes them each a rock star. What do they do so well that no one else can compete with them in this area.

Publix Super Markets

2011 Best Companies rank: 67                 Current openings: 1,590

Secrets to impressing their recruiters

"Make sure your resume and application are error-free and accurate. Research as much as you can about our company to determine if it is a good fit for you, and communicate your conclusions during the interview."

Marriott International

2011 Best Companies rank: 71             Current openings: 4,459

Secrets to impressing their recruiters

"We look for high energy, hospitality and team-oriented individuals with "the spirit to serve" -- a strong part of Marriott's culture and values -- and experience in the industry or portable skills from other sectors.


2011 Best Companies rank: 72               Current openings: 6,338

Secrets to impressing their recruiters

"Show us your expertise and interests beyond your resume. Creative projects like blogging and developing mobile applications grow your skills as well as help employers find you. It's harder for us to get to know you if you only excel in a closed environment. Likewise, get to know us. Learn about our technologies and businesses before you apply. This research will help you identify the best jobs for your skills, prepare for your interviews, and show us you're excited and ready to work here."


2011 Best Companies rank: 73             Current openings: 9,144

Secrets to impressing their recruiters

"Don't be afraid to demonstrate your passions and your personal brand.


2011 Best Companies rank: 74              Current openings: 3,663

Secrets to impressing their recruiters

"At Nordstrom, it's not about how our candidates will impress us but how we can impress our candidates. We do everything we can to be a company that will be a great place to work because we realize that's what will help us attract the best and brightest people to serve our customers. Our selection criteria and interview process have been designed with the candidate in mind - to allow us to get to know them, but also to ensure that they get to know about the world-class organization that we aspire to be.

Ernst & Young

2011 Best Companies rank: 77           Current openings: 10,000

Secrets to impressing their recruiters

"We look for individuals who have deep experience in any of these functional areas: finance transformation, business performance management, procurement, logistics, pricing and order to cash, as well as other related activities. Significant knowledge of Oracle, SAP, Hyperion or other technology platforms and tools are also very attractive to us.


2011 Best Companies rank: 81           Current openings: 1,035

Secrets to impressing their recruiters

"What impresses me is when a candidate has taken a lot of time to research CarMax beyond just knowing the basics of what we do. I'm particularly impressed when they talk about the values of our company and how they align with their own personal values. When they talk about that, I can usually "check the box" on culture fit."

Booz Allen Hamilton

2011 Best Companies rank: 85             Current openings: 700

Secrets to impressing their recruiters

"Be prepared to engage the recruiter with questions about the organization. Asking the right questions can be a strong indicator of a good consultant. When you are asked questions, answer the question in a concise and thorough way and work to engage the interviewer in a dialogue. Share a resume that demonstrates achievements and impact across academic, professional and extra-curricular experience and ensure that it highlights achievements that best match the position for which you are applying."



2011 Best Companies rank: 86           Current openings: 5,000

Secrets to impressing their recruiters

"When interacting with KPMG recruiters and professionals you should demonstrate strong communication skills, responsiveness and follow through, resourcefulness, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn. For campus recruits, having a global mindset and a willingness to take advantage of the global opportunities offered by the firm is a plus. And if you already have work experience, you should be able to concisely relate your past experience and previous roles and how they fit the requirements of the job for which you are applying."

 Hospitality Tip of the WeekTM

" Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it. Look for people who will aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine."

 David Ogilvy

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