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National Waiters and Waitresses Day: Appreciation and Recognition are the 'Special Order of the Day':

publication date: Feb 21, 2014
author/source: Dr. John Hogan CHA CHE CMHS

Hospitality Should Celebrate National Waiters and Waitresses Day -

By Dr. John Hogan CHE CHA CMHS

Appreciation and Recognition are the 'Special Order of the Day':

In my 5/19/11 blog, we at www.HospitalityEducators.com  offered a gentle reminder on the New Requirements For Claiming Tip Credit in the USA , via the category of Tipped Employees Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Under a U.S. Department of Labor rule, which went into effect May 5, 2011, employers must comply with specific procedures if they seek to claim a tip credit for wages paid to employees who receive tips in addition to a cash wage.  The government FAQ sheet was reprinted there with details and of course, the DOL web site has all of the information.

The obvious follow-up column and/or blog would have been to share a personal story on a recent experience involving waitresses and waiters, but I found an even better approach that was directly to the point.

On May 21, there is one of those unusual "holiday celebrations" on some calendars and we are delighted to share it with you:  National Waiters and Waitresses Day

This day recognizes the value and importance of a good service professionals, the waiters and waitresses who serve our guests.  When one dines out , they often represent the restaurant, club, hotel, spa or other hospitality business as the main human contact with the guest.  How they treat those guests are often the difference between a great experience or a bad online review.

I am going to suggest that as many professionals as possible do something to recognize the efforts of these front line associates on this May 21.  In addition to the traditional service staff in food and beverage outlets, we should also take note of the other people who are part of the front line as well.  These include banquet staff, assistant servers or bus staff, cashiers and hosts.   Hotels that do not have full service restaurants might also consider showing some appreciation for the normally exceptional people who serve complimentary breakfast in the lobby or other designated area.

The US (and likely other countries as well) law will continue to evolve in how service staff are compensated, but this day could be a time to demonstrate your appreciation to your waiters and waitresses on National Waiters and Waitresses Day by a "designated act of kindness and value ."    

As consumers, if we eat out on May 21, say something nice to your server and see if they aren't a bit surprised. (A little something extra in the gratuity would also be welcome, I am sure.)

Waiters and waitresses , enjoy the day and continue to share smiles and excellent service, as usual!

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