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America's Promise Alliance : Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company's "Succeed Through Service"

publication date: Nov 13, 2013
author/source: HospitalityEducators.com Resources
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Ritz-Carlton's  Succeed through Service program, in partnership with America’s Promise Alliance, is focused on helping children better prepare for college, work and life. At Ritz-Carlton properties across the U.S. and around the world, our employees are mentoring young students in necessary life skills and engaging them in service-learning and career exploration.

Employees are inspiring the children to embrace concepts, such as teamwork and environmental responsibility, and introducing them to necessary life-skills, such as social skills & etiquette. Partnered in service-learning projects to benefit the local community, together they are tackling challenging issues including hunger and homelessness, child literacy and environmental conservation.


“We thank you so much because you’re not only investing in kids, you are investing in the future of our country and the other countries where you are located – and you’re investing in the future of Ritz-Carlton.”

General Colin Powell
Founding Chairman, America’s Promise Alliance




The record of The Ritz-Carlton "Succeed Through Service" program can be seen in comments from youngsters who have participated in workshops, listened to life skills discussions from hotel mentors, and now look forward to reaching their potential with encouragement from this volunteer outreach campaign. "Working with The Ritz-Carlton was an amazing experience because I learned how to make a presentation in a clean and sharp fashion. I also learned the proper skills of social etiquette and how to behave in public," said Dominiqe Thian, 8th grader at Kenmore Middle School, Arlington, Virginia. Jack Henderson, 8th grader at Sutton Middle School, Atlanta, Georgia added "The Ritz-Carlton has been teaching us many life skills to help us when we're older. Many kids don't get this opportunity to learn this stuff. It's great - these are life skills that will keep us going through our whole life."

Not only students, but teachers and principals have extolled the impact "Succeed Through Service" has made on their students. From Queens Satellite High School for Opportunity in New York, Mark Melkonian, Principal, where staff from The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park are frequent visitors: "The Ritz-Carlton investment in our students change their position as academic failures to achieving academic and personal service. Their service to better the lives of young people endows them with hope and a new solid foundation for future accomplishments." At Supai Middle School in Scottsdale, Arizona, Sia Chamberlain, Guidance Counselor shared her perspective of the last semester: "It was an experience our students and staff will never forget. All the presenters were excellent in sharing their roles and planting seeds in our students to not be afraid to dream outside their own world. We look forward to the next step in this partnership. The Ritz-Carlton Succeed Through Service program is already impacting and becoming life changing for our students."


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