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Guest Columnists @ HospitalityEducators.com

publication date: Sep 7, 2011
author/source: Kathleen Hogan, MBA

Guest Columnists @ HospitalityEducators.com

We are constantly searching for ways to add value for our membership. 
Fresh ideas and best practices are to be found in the writing done by a range of hospitality professionals, and we are excited to include their work as regular contributors to HospitalityEducators.com. 

Our goal is to share good information and create an environment in which members help members succeed in running a more profitable hotel. 
(Kathleen Hogan, Publisher and Co-Founder, HospitalityEducators.com)   
Kathleen Hogan, Publisher HospitalityEducators.com

In late Octo, we will be announcing the addition of 12 additional guest columnists from around the world, who will share their expertise on recruitment, technology, Food & Beverage, training, design, marketing, asset management, hospitality and hotel law issues, spas, clubs, international trends in hospitality and more.

Guest Columnists @ HospitalityEducators.com

  Justin G. Lewis, CHA is the Corporate Operations Manager for Timberline Hospitalities LLC, located in Casper, Wyoming. He oversees 9 hotels in Wyoming and is an adjunct instructor of Hotel courses at Casper College.  He teaches various leadership classes and aspires to write a leadership book for limited-service hotel General Managers.  b
        Dr. Bryan K. Williams, D.M.

Dr. Bryan K. Williams is a consultant, trainer, and author, who focuses on the areas of service excellence and organizational effectiveness. His passion is “to serve others so they may better serve the world”. World-class service, continuous improvement, and purpose-driven leadership are not unique to any specific industry; therefore, providing exceptional service is possible in virtually any setting.

Prior to this current venture, Bryan worked with the world-renowned Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC for almost 10 years. In his last role with The Ritz-Carlton, he was the Global Corporate Director of Training & Organizational Effectiveness. He assisted with setting and executing the global training strategy for the company, and for its corporate university, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Cente

  Javier Tomé is President and HR Solutions Director at People & Organizations for Business (POB Consulting). A Systems Engineer from Universidad Metropolitana of Venezuela, Javier started as a software developer, and promoted to Manager Level in a short time because of his drive, proactive thinking style, leadership, and expertise development.  He earned a Master's degree in Management Consulting from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

Passionate about food, restaurants, and hospitality, he obtained a Culinary Arts' degree at Le Cordon Bleu Miami, which introduced him to the Hospitality Management Industry. He has worked as a cook, chef and restaurant manager, in both restaurants and hotels. 

Javier has been involved in Business Consulting for the last 10 years, developing knowledge and experience in several fields and industries.   Dedicated to helping business owners and executives develop their businesses to their fullest potential, he works with them through Organizational Modeling, Strategic Focus, and People/Culture best practices.  His stated goals include helping professionals in the industry to become more productive and successful.
Javier Tomé, President/ HR Solutions Director
   People & Organizations for Business (POB Consulting)      www.pobconsulting.com  
 javier.tome@pobconsulting.com           p: +1 (305) 509-5160
   Philip Farina, CPP is the Chief Executive Officer and Principal Security Consultant for The Farina Group. Parent company of Farina and Associates, Ltd., Enterprising Securities Executive Protection Training, Antiterrorism Careers and Manta Security Management Recruiters. He is responsible for all business groups supporting client interests globally as well as strategic planning and corporate management.

An analytical thinker who possesses over twenty years of in-depth industry specific knowledge and experience. Philip Farina has been recognized as a pioneer and is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on security, safety, risk management and protection for the hospitality and tourism industries.

Philip Farina is an internationally recognized security expert witness, speaker, educator and noted author of Antiterrorism Careers. Actively involved in the Homeland Security effort, he manages programs for the safeguarding of soft targets & critical infrastructure. Philip is retained as a Special Security Advisor to corporate officers, law firms, insurance agencies, celebrities and affluent families. Board Certified in Security Management (CPP) & Certified Lodging Security Director (CLSD).  

Philip Farina is the author of:

  • Antiterrorism Careers - THE Ultimate Guide to Professional Employment Opportunities in Specialized Security 
  • Effective Strategies for Mastering Success on Linkedin.com - The Security Professional's Guide to Capitalizing on the World's Best Business Network

Contact Information

Philip Farina, CPP     Board Certified in Security Management and Lodging Security & Safety,Subject Matter Expert – The Hospitality, Entertainment and Tourism Security Council   Farina and Associates, Ltd.  Miami, FL & San Antonio, TX: (305) 517-3664     Linkedin Profile - www.linkedin.com/in/philipfarina 



Neil Salerno, CHME, CHA neilsalerno_400       Neil Salerno for the past 15 years has been known as the Hotel Marketing Coach as he worked with many independent and branded hotel properties in establishing and maintaining their hotel web sites, internet marketing strategies and overall technology marketing. Neil agreed in early October 2010 to share his thoughts as a guest columnist for HospitalityEducators.com with an emphasis on revenue management, and we had a number of interesting phone conversations as I began to prepare a column featuring him. Neil became hard to reach by email or phone beginning in December and I was saddened to learn he passed away in  mid February of 2011.  John Hogan

His good friend and my co-author of LESSONS FROM THE FIELD: A COMMON SENSE APPROACH TO EFFECTIVE HOTEL SALES, Howard Feiertag, a faculty member at the hospitality program @ Virginia Tech wrote a tribute to Neil that is posted on this site and globally in online publications. 

HospitalityEducators.com will continue to post his insights in 2011 with this tribute and introduction.

During more than thirty-five years in the hospitality industry, Neil Salerno worked for several prestigious hotel management companies. He held positions in sales, marketing, and management operations as an associate, department head, and vice president for companies such as: W. B. Johnson Properties, Servico, Inc., The Peabody Hotel Group, Marcus Corporation, Remington Hotels, and Prime Motor Inns, Inc. He felt privileged to have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the most talented people in the Industry. Many of these people remained mentors to his work throughhout his career.
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