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Recommended Reading: The TEST - A Creative, thought-provoking story that offers hope in times of cynicism

publication date: Oct 25, 2011
author/source: Dr. John Hogan CHA CHE CMHS

A Creative, thought-provoking story that offers hope in times of cynicism The Test

This is a story that is at times a bit far-fetched and yet one that in the reading becomes a story of potential and "it could happen."

A billionaire and philanthropist has accomplished much in his life,but at a cost. As in many stories we have read and perhaps in personal reflections, this character wants to leave a personal legacy that involves more than a name on a building. In a most unusual will, he challenges his six adult children to find ways to embrace a code of moral values and to measurably contribute to society.

The six children include a wide range of personalities, with failures and successes in their own lives. Some are publicly known, while others are clearly private and almost in hiding. There is a vast fortune at stake and the heirs who meet the goals and intentions of the will after a one year period will inherit.

This is the 1st novel I have read by Patricia Gussin and I compliment her story-telling ability. Her characters have believable flaws and strengths and there are a number of unexpected twists. She provides solid insights to the strengths and weaknesses of the extended families and those looking to advance their own agendas. One could comment on the details, but it is better to read the actual story as it unfolds, rather than to try to provide too much in the introduction.

There are antagonists, "do-gooders" and nay-Sayers as in real life, but the conclusion leaves the reader with a sense of optimism in these days of increasing cynicism and self-centered greed. After reading this book, one should stop and think about values and ethics.

Dr. John Hogan CHA CHE

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