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publication date: Mar 1, 2012
author/source: Stephen Barth, Founder of HospitalityLawyer.com


HospitalityLawyer.com - worldwide provider of legal, safety, and security solutionsBeverage Newsletter

February 2012 Volume V, Issue 1

In this edition:

Fisher & Phillips - Firm HighlightOSHA Compliance For Restaurants, by Howard Mavity

Restaurants should take certain basic steps to review and eliminate common, often overlooked OSHA violations. As a bonus, improved OSHA compliance will also reduce hazards and provide a non-union employer an opportunity to demonstrate interest to its employees, as well as better engage them in the company's success. Such efforts will improve morale, productivity and customer service, and likely reduce employee grievances and legal claims.

Here are some areas of concern, and some practical steps, applicable to any restaurant setting:

  • Location
  • Hours
  • Turnover
  • Allocation of Resources
  • Specificity
  • Checklists
  • Environment
  • Ergonomics

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Liquor Liability Insurance Can Be Confusing, by Jan Trendowski, Trendowski & Allen

Liquor liability insurance policies are unique creations and are usually separate from a standard commercial liability policy.  They were created for a specific, narrow purpose and vary in their language and coverage much more than other types of policies.  Further, liquor liability policies contain exclusions and coverage limitations specific to the liquor industry which can create surprising uninsured and underinsured situations regardless of what the insured thought when the policy was purchased. Read more

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