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AH&LA Green Resource Center

publication date: Nov 7, 2013
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AH&LA Environmental Guidelines
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AH&LA Green Resource Center 

    No matter where you are in the greening process, we have tools and resources to take your efforts to the next level.  For personal assistance, find out how you can get a one-on-one appointment with the Green Guru.

Green: Level 1

If you're in the beginning stages, you'll want to start out with the lowest hanging fruit. 

Best Practices - check out what properties nationwide have successfully implemented to reduce their carbon footprint

Eco-Education - review expert-written publications on do's and don'ts

Eco-Suppliers - how green your vendors are reflects back on you, so take a look at this list of trusted Allied suppliers

11 Minimum Green Guidelines - these are the basic tactics for any property looking to be considered eco-friendly

Greener: Level 2

Once you've gotten your feet wet, you'll want to record and build off your successes. 

Benchmarking  - review examples of dramatic savings realized simply by benchmarking various greening efforts, and look to the resources below to start benchmarking your own progress

GreenQuest - this free Web-based service produced by Burton Energy Group helps you track and manage your energy and water consumption

Utility Rebates - see if your hotel is covered by one of these top rebate programs. If so, contact your local utility to see how these funds can offset the cost of an energy audit and reduce the cost of energy efficiency projects

Enviornmental Protection Agency (EPA) - find various free programs, including ENERGY STAR, to optimize your heat, water, power, and more

Additional Guidelines - beyond the minium 11, there are nearly 50 more guidelines your property should consider

Green Guru - as you go through the various stages, AH&LA members can have any question researched and answered free of charge

Green Arrow  Trick of the Trade: take a look at AH&LA's creative tips and strategies 


Greenest: Level 3

Now that you're as green as possible, it's time for maximum exposure. 

Certification - there are a variety of programs out there, so find the one best for you and get recognized for your efforts

State Programs - many states offer audits, certifications, or recommendations

Glossary of Terms - it's recommended you go through this extensive list and determine if there are additional opportunities for your property

Tips for Travelers - encourage your guests to have an eco-friendly stay by making these tips readily available

Green Arrow  Trick of the Trade: see what Valet Services has to say about green laundry 


About AH&LA's Green Initiatives

The association's initial allegiance to the environment began in 1996, with the formation of Good Earthkeeping, a program to encourage linen and towel reuse for hotel guests.  Laminated cards to be used in each guest room were made available to members, and the success of this initiative pulled the attention of Project Planet.  Project Planet ultimately bought the rights of the cards, which are still available today through their Website.

Then in 2005 a dramatic resurgence in environmental awareness took hold.  In response to industry interest and confusion, AH&LA formed the Green Task Force, an influential group of top social responsibility executives at hotel companies nationwide.  Through their direction and leadership, and special assistance from Pat Maher, consultant, The Maher Group, AH&LA has been able to issue a policy statement, in addition to all the resources you see here.

For any inquiries on hospitality's green practices, contact Kathryn Potter at kpotter@ahla.com or (202) 289-3130.


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