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A Brief Guide to Google Hotel Price Ads (HPA)

publication date: Aug 15, 2014
author/source: Lucas Firmino
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A Brief Guide to Google Hotel Price Ads (HPA)

Google’s Hotel Price Ads, or HPA for short, are ads or real-time prices that show up on various Google properties. These properties can exist without the presence of HPAs; in some cases, HPA simply ads a real-time rate that links directly to your hotel’s booking engine.

Let’s take a look at one of our client’s HPAs:

Google Search (Carousel)

Google HPA Carousel







Google Search (Organic Listing)

Google HPA Organic






Google Search (Organic Local Listing)

Google HPA Organic Local Listing









HPA Google Plus






HPA Google Hotel Finder







HPA Google Maps








How It Works

Your booking engine provider needs to be integrated with Google HPA; this is how it’s able to pull those real-time prices. Google will also pull prices from popular OTA sites and display them in a list along with your rate. You’ll want to be sure to have a properly set up Google+ Page and Google Local profile since these are some properties where HPA will insert prices. Not having them properly set up or optimized may hurt your performance.

How It Can Help Your Hotel

Google HPA can be a competitive advantage over other hotel listings that don’t have prices listed. In our experience with pay-per-click advertising, prices tend to attract people to ads. The most attractive part of HPA is that it’s another way to get guests to book direct, bypassing OTAs. This can save on you money on fees associated with OTAs and other non-direct sources.


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