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Best Practice Ideas from A Major Hospitality Association : Go Green Tips

publication date: Mar 11, 2012
author/source: HospitalityEducator.com resource, Joy Miller of Tennessee Hospitality Association

Topic: "Go Green" Tip of the Week

Tennessee Hospitality Association - TnHA
Members of the Tennessee Hospitality Association:

The Association is committed to sharing as many ideas and best practices as possible . Below you will find some "Go Green" Tip of the Week. We would appreciate any feedback you would be willing to provide. Please reply to this Discussion Board post with comments and suggestions.  FYI  - Tennessee Hospitality Association - TnHA.   We changed the tip name from "Go Green" to "TN Green" to coincide with our Tennessee Green Hospitality initiative. Please check out http://www.tnhospitality.net/ for more details.

Joy Miller, TnHA/GNHA
Phone: (615) 385-9970
Email: joy@tnhospitality.net

  1. "Go Green" Tip #1: Form an Environmental Committee to develop an Environmental Green Plan for energy, water, & solid waste use.
  2. "Go Green" Tip #2: Monitor electric, gas, water, & waste usage on a monthly & annual basis.
  3. "Go Green" Tip #3: Use compact fluorescent lamps instead of incandescent lamps when possible.
  4. "Go Green" Tip #4: Install digital thermostats in guestrooms & throughout property.
  5. "Go Green" Tip #5: Implement a towel and/or linen reuse program.
  6. "Go Green" Tip #6: Install 2.5 gallons/minute shower heads or less in all guestroom baths and any employee shower areas.
  7. "Go Green" Tip #7: Observe Earth Hour. Tennessee is an official Earth Hour state and will turn off the lights at the state capitol building.
  8. In 2009, 2010 and 2011, hundreds of millions of people around the world showed their support by turning off their lights for one hour. Earth Hour will continue to be a global call to action to every individual, every business, and every community. Observing Earth Hour is a way to stand up, to show leadership, and to be responsible for our future.
  9. "Go Green" Tip #8: Install 1.6-gallon toilets in all guestrooms.
  10. TN Green Tip #9: Implement a recycling program, including public spaces, to the full extent available. Document your efforts.
  11. TN Green Tip #9.5: Attend Nashville's Annual Earth Day Festival at Centennial Park .                    Visit http://www.nashvilleearthday.org/index.php?p=1 for more information.
  12. TN Green Tip #10: Implement a recycling program for hazardous materials found in fluorescent bulbs, batteries, and lighting ballasts through licensed service providers.
  13. TN Green Tip #11: Celebrate Earth Day April 22nd! :)
  14. TN Green Tip #12: Purchase Energy Star labeled appliances and equipment.
  15. TN Green Tip #13: Paper products should have 20% or more post consumer recycled content.
  16. TN Green Tip #14: Large operations should work with energy/engineering consultants regarding their needs.
  17. TN Green Tip #15: Pay attention to off-hour systems, and make sure they are functioning correctly.
  18. TN Green Tip #16: In kitchen prep sinks, use spray-nozzles that automatically close to rinse dishes.
  19. TN Green Tip #17: Control irrigation using a rain gauge or soil moisture sensor.
  20. TN Green Tip #18: The priority in solid waste management is Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle.
  21. TN Green Tip #19: Install sub-meters on water lines serving cooling towers, swimming pools, & irrigation systems.
  22. TN Green Tip #20: Implement a guestroom recycling program.
  23. TN Green Tip #21: Eliminate or substantially reduce the use of individual bottles of water for meetings and breakout service. Replace individual bottles with either larger refillable bottled water dispensers or with tap or filtered water table top dispensers similar to those used to dispense other cold beverages such as lemonade or iced tea.

Fast Facts About Tennessee's Hospitality Industry:

1) In 2008, Tennessee tourism generated a $14.4 billion economic impact to the state's economy.
2) More than 182,300 Tennesseans are now employed in the state's tourism industry.
3) Payroll generated by direct travel spending reached $5.3 billion in 2008.
4) Tennessee's overnight and day-trip visitors provided $1.2 billion in state and local sales tax revenues, which accounts for another billion dollars in tax revenues for the second consecutive year.
5) The Tennessee Hospitality Association consists of 300 hotels representing 40,000 rooms and over 700 restaurants statewide.
6) TnHA also represents over 200 additional businesses that are preferred vendors and associate members.

The hospitality industry provides important business revenue, jobs, and tax dollars, and without the hospitality industry, either significant tax increases or deep budget cuts would need to be made.  It is important to have instant access to state statistics to share with our industry partners, business leaders, and elected officials.  These detailed facts can be found at http://tnvacation.com/industry/marketing/ under the 2008 Impact Study, and Appendix A reveals a county by county study of the impact of the hospitality industry, as well.  The information above has been provided by the TN Department of Tourist Development and the Tennessee Hospitality Association.

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