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Tips for Structuring Your Property’s Diversity Program

publication date: Jan 24, 2014
author/source: Jennifer Calhoun MBA, CHE
Tips for Structuring Your Property's Diversity Program

Here are five tips to consider when structuring your property's diversity program

  1. Be able to define what diversity means to the organization
  2. Consider how you will get buy in from everyone as to the importance of such a program
  3. Be able to articulate the benefits to the organization
  4. Consider the cost to implement and to sustain the program
  5. Research, adapt and utilize what other successful companies have done to structure their property's diversity programs.

Having these facts, you will be able to begin structuring a successful diversity program.


Jennifer Calhoun MBA, CHE |Phd Candidate, Auburn University
Founding Associate, HospitalityEducators.com

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